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alta::parameters Class Reference

#include <params.h>

Public Member Functions

 parameters (unsigned int dim_X, unsigned int dim_Y, params::input in_param, params::output out_param)
 parameters (unsigned int dim_X, unsigned int dim_Y) ALTA_DEPRECATED
 parameters (params::input in_param, params::output out_param) ALTA_DEPRECATED
params::input input_parametrization () const
 provide the input parametrization of the object.
params::output output_parametrization () const
 provide the outout parametrization of the object.
int dimX () const
 Provide the dimension of the input space of the function.
int dimY () const
 Provide the dimension of the output space of the function.
const parameters set_input (int nX, params::input p) const
const parameters set_output (int nY, params::output p) const

Protected Attributes

params::input _in_param
params::output _out_param
int _nX
int _nY

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