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data_interpolant_rbf Class Reference

Detailed Description

This interpolation plugin smooth sparse data measurments using radial kernels. The interpolation is performed as:

\( \tilde{y}(\mathbf{x}) = {\sum_{\mathbf{x}_i \in \mathcal{B}( \mathbf{x})} k(\mathbf{x} - \mathbf{x}_i) y_i \over \sum_{\mathbf{x}_i \in \mathcal{B}(\mathbf{x})} k(\mathbf{x} - \mathbf{x}_i)}\)

The kernel is set as \( k(\mathbf{d}) = {1 \over \epsilon + ||d||^2} \).


This plugin requires the FLANN library to compile. On linux plateforms it can be obtained by package libflann-dev and on OSX using the port flann.

Laurent Belcour

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