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nonlinear_fitter_ceres Class Reference

Detailed Description

Third party requirements

You will need three external libraries to compile this plugin:

The last two dependencies are required to compile CERES and this plugin must be linked against Google glog to run.

You need to provide your own ceres.prf file for qmake to generate the correct Makefile or Visual Studio solution. In particular this configuration file should provide:

INCLUDEPATH += [path-to-ceres-include]
LIBS += -L[path-to-ceres-lib] -lceres -L[path-to-glog-lib] -lglog -lgomp

Plugin parameters

We provide the following command line arguments to manipulate this plugin:

We also provide options that control the solver behavior regarding its stopping criteria:

For more information about these options, consult the Ceres documentation.

#include <fitter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool fit_data (const ptr< data > &d, ptr< function > &fit, const arguments &args)
virtual void set_parameters (const arguments &args)
 parse the command line arguments to setup some general options before any fit. Those options should be resilient to multiple call to the fit_data procedure
- Public Member Functions inherited from alta::fitter
virtual bool fit_data (const ptr< data > &d, ptr< function > &f, const arguments &args)=0
 static function to fit a data set d with the underling function class. Return the best fit (along with fitting information ?)

Protected Attributes

ceres::Solver::Options options

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