ALTA  alpha
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Detailed Description

This page reference the different soft available in ALTA. A soft is a command line tool that process data and function object to perform actions such as data conversion, data fitting (if a fitter plugin is provided), ...

We list below all the accessible commands in ALTA. To use a command, you can type its name in a terminal (assuming you configured it properly, see Installing ALTA). For example, to show the documentation of the command data2brdf, type:

$ data2brdf --help


 This command exports a function object to software specific file.
 This command allows to convert a function object to a Data object. And to save the Data object in a file specified by the Data plugin.
 This command allows to convert a Data object to a function object.
 This command transform a Data object into another data object.
 This command computes the moments of a Data object.
 This command takes at input an interpolant data and outputs statistics regarding the distance to another data file.
 This command takes at input the result of a BRDF fit as well as data and outputs statistics regarding the fitting.