ALTA  alpha
Installing ALTA


To access the sources of ALTA, clone the public Git repository:

$ git clone


ALTA consists of three parts: the Core, Plugins, and Commands list. The core has a number of mandatory dependencies, while plugins may have optional dependencies.

The mandatory dependencies are:

Optional dependencies that will allow more plugins to be built include:

Note for Ceres installation for Debian/Ubuntu distribution

To improve the numerical stability of the different solvers, it is highly recommended to install the following packages:


ALTA is developed as a cross-platform library, with support for several OSes (GNU/Linux, MacOS X, Microsoft Windows) and several C++ compilers (GCC, Clang, MSVC). ALTA is under continuous integration, where several combinations are tested.


To build ALTA, simply run SCons from the top-level source directory:

 $ scons

By default, the build system automatically checks whether the required dependencies are met, and which of the optional dependencies are available. All the compilation byproducts go to the sources/build sub-directory.

If Eigen could not be found, it is automatically downloaded from upstream. The downloaded file is integrity-checked, and then the software is built and installed under the external/build sub-directory of the source tree.

This automatic behavior can be disabled by running:

$ scons --no-externals

Lastly, the default settings of the build system, such as the compiler being used and locations of libraries and headers, can be overridden in a configuration file:

$ scons

Here must define SCons construction variables in Python syntax. The list of configuration variables and their default values can be seen by running:

$ scons --help

Examples of configuration files are provided under configs/scons.

Configuration of the environment

To have a direct access to ALTA's commands and plugins from the command line and from python, we recommend to use our environment setters scripts. On Linux/OSX, please source from the terminal:

$ source

On MS Windows, please excecute the script setpath.bat from the command line:

$ ./setpath.bat

Programs and plugins will be accessible from the command line without requiring to specify the absolute or relative path to your current position.


ALTA comes with a test suite that can be run with:

$ scons tests

This command should succeed (return an exit code of zero.) If that is not the case, please post the command output, the .log files from the sources/tests directory, and the version of ALTA and its dependencies to the mailing list.